Monday, March 3, 2008

Day 13: Where is the SLBI?

Today was another bad day for the good citizens of SL. I was TPed to a secret location and met Royal for the first time. Unfortunately she had just been semi-perma-bonded by my former custodian, and so naturally Royal was a little upset. At least her face was spared the permabond latex covering, and I was told that the semi-perma-bond sentence would last from 90 - 180 days.

My Custodian tormenting Giri & Associates' latest victim. This poor girl was semi-permabonded today (covered in an inescapable layer of thick black latex) for 90 - 180 days.

I have a question: WHERE THE **** IS THE SLBI???

We have mad Custodians running around SL turning innocent people into permanent Banes, and now their latest hobby is turning innocent people into perma-bonded, latex-covered, helpless bound victims.

I know, I know, SLBI people are too busy arresting jaywalkers and shaking down local merchants for "protection" money... I personally think the SLBI is either controlled by Giri & Associates, or else they are just plain afraid of her.

And where are all the other self-styled law enforcement agencies in SL? Come on people, time to put down the box of donuts and start doing something to try to stem this serious crime wave. Its looking more and more like anarchy around here.

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