Saturday, March 15, 2008

Day 26: Depressed

Today my custodian allowed me access to my inventory. She said I had earned it by "being good". I took advantage right away and rezzed my bed in Darkstone Castle, so I could sleep in a warm safe place for the first time in almost a month.

Before I could get to sleep another girl who I didn't know came up the stairs and into the room where I was trying to sleep. She saw that I was a Bane and turned to walk away. I tried to engage her in emote chat, and what she said made me feel very depressed. Here is the transcript:

[14:50] Pamela Munro tries to wave hi
[14:51] Aimee Riptide: ...
[14:51] Pamela Munro cant hear chat
[14:51] Pamela Munro can hear short emotes
[14:51] Aimee Riptide waves her hands
[14:51] Aimee Riptide gestures sorry
[14:51] Pamela Munro says no problem
[14:51] Aimee Riptide points at exit
[14:51] Aimee Riptide turns to go
[14:52] Pamela Munro is dissapointed
[14:52] Pamela Munro likes to talk
[14:52] Pamela Munro even though its hard
[14:52] Pamela Munro do you know Giri?
[14:52] Aimee Riptide turns hands upwards
[14:53] Aimee Riptide shakes head
[14:53] Pamela Munro you are welcome to stay
[14:53] Aimee Riptide thinks using emotes
[14:53] Aimee Riptide to chat
[14:53] Aimee Riptide defeats the point
[14:54] Pamela Munro slumps in despair
[14:54] Aimee Riptide shakes her head
[14:55] Pamela Munro knows Aimee is right
[14:55] Aimee Riptide sighs

I realize now that I have been cheating regularly by using emotes as a substitute for chat. I feel like I have failed as a Bane. I wonder if it is possible for my Custodian to disable emotes? I'm afraid that is probably what needs to happen if I am to experience the true pain and suffering of Banishment.

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