Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Day 29: Suicidal

Pamela Bane stares into the abyss.

Tonight I stood on the ledge of darkstone castle and stared down into the abyss for a long time. My friend Hawk was trying to talk me down. He even tried to get up on the ledge to pull me off but he tumbled off himself. Fortunately he was wearing his brown soft-soled shoes (totally mismatched with his otherwise handsome black tuxedo - but the brown shoes probably saved his life.)
Hawk pleading with me not to jump.

When he came back upstairs I felt guilty, so I came down off the ledge. I also agreed to let Hawk keep me safe in a cage for the night, provided that I could squeeze my bed inside, which I barely managed to do. So I am writing this blog in my bed, inside a locked glass cage at Darkstone.

Pamela Bane as she writes her sad blog entry tonight.

Earlier today, my custodian cruelly informed me that if I ever demanded to be unbaned she would turn me into a permanent inflatable sex doll. She showed me a picture of one of her pets who she just turned into a sex doll.

I feel ugly, and unloved. I'm still waiting for my figure to improve from the so-called Bane diet. I hope this depression is just a temporary phase. I don't know if I can survive like this much longer.

Black Orchids - HELP!!!

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