Saturday, March 1, 2008

Day 11: Running for my life

Today, before logging in, I read the comment by my former Custodian, posted under Thursday's Blog (Day 9). It made my heart sink.

It appears that my days as Pamela Munro will end soon. They are going to throw me into the Perm-a-Bond machine, and I will be permanently and inescapably covered from head to toe in thick latex, just like my custodian. I will never be able to see my own face or body again. My friends will also never see "me" again. I am heartbroken.

I am not going to let them turn me into a permabond BANE without a fight. I have been running and hiding from my custodian and her friends all day. I tried to commit myself to the Paine Asylum - where at least I would be in a secure guarded facility - but I was turned away. I guess they thought I was more of a medical freak than a psychiatric case.

I cried for help on an open IM channel, hoping someone from the Bane Liberation Army would hear my desperate plea for help. Someone did hear me! then she just giggled. (Sob)

Finally my dear friend Yrsa from the Black Orchids found me, and asked if I needed help. I sobbed in despair. She brought me to a hiding place, where I intend to spend the weekend, keeping out of sight and trying to figure out some way to avoid being permabonded.

Yrsa found me in desperate straights today, and whisked me off to a temporary hiding place.

Thank you so much Yrsa. What you did for me today was very brave. Please watch out for yourself.
Me resting in my hiding place, just before I drifted off to sleep, and into permabond nightmares.

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