Friday, March 7, 2008

Day 17: Officially an Introvert

Hi all,

I have been keeping a low profile lately and it seems to be working. I have not been perm-a-bonded (yet). My former custodian told me that all of her pets have been perm-a-bonded in the past few days. She said some of them hate their new colors (yellow, etc...).

I saw my former custodian today and I'm starting to think I now have 2 custodians, because they both seem to have the same control over me. She told me she has learned that I am an introvert because I am doing so well and thriving as a BANE. I told her it's true; I am an introvert. But I'm also about 25% extrovert. Anyway she put me in a hanging cage for a little while and then transferred me to an isolation capsule and left.

Me in the hanging cage today. I like this cage. It's kind of sexy.

My view as Custodian thoughtfully builds a ramp at the door of my isolation cell.

I was preparing for a lonely day when I heard my friend June outside the isolation capsule. She just wanted to say hello, so she found me on the map. June is a pretty smart cookie. Within a couple of minutes she had somehow unlocked the capsule and I was free!

June figured out how to open the locked isolation capsule.

Unfortunately we didn't have much time to celebrate because June's pony Henry got himself trapped in a cage downstairs. June found him before I did. By the time I found them they were both trapped in cages. (Castle Darkstone is a place to avoid.) Here is a picture of the three of us after their cage timers ran out.

June, Henry and I somewhere in the lower levels of Darkstone.

Once again we had little time to celebrate because Custodian came back. June was smart and TPed out just before Custodian arrived. But poor Henry didn't. I told him to run several times but he lingered around for a few too many seconds. Custodian did something to him in those few seconds; now she has some invisible magnet inside Henry.

Well Custodian decided that I should be punished for June and Henry's behavior. So she put me another isolation cell with a green bubble shower.

Me being punished for June and Henry's misdeeds.

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