Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Day 22: Lonely

It has been many days since my last post. I have been alone most of the time, in Darkstone Castle, unable to teleport.

I am now in my fourth week of Banishment. I think I'm doing okay. I have some difficulty imagining life in SL as an un-bane now. Being Bane forces you to adapt. It is getting lonely for me. My friend June is now bound and gagged herself, so its even harder to get together with her. I did score by making contact with my old pal Jill, from the Black Orchids. I have missed her these past 2 months.

I have started reading the story Eudeamon, finally. It is soooooo erotic... Being a Bane myself I really feel as if I am the main character. Does anyone know who wrote Eudeamon? Really nice writing. When I am done reading the story, and done reading it for the 2nd and 3rd time, I will post a book review here.

Bye for now.


Bethany Bao said...

hehe, so you agreed to become a BANE before reading the story and knowing what all it entailed?

you really are wreckless :-P

lexi said...

The person who wrote Eudeamon is known as "Evil Dolly"

She has written some other rather interesting stories :)

Love your blog, intersting reading